Skip to 0 minutes and 3 secondsFor me one of the key parts that motivates me through the work is clear goals and deadlines. If something's on the back burner it may not get done so quickly, but when there are clear deadlines when your peers really quickly need to assess the work you are doing, if they want something by the end of the day or the end of the week, that is a very clear way of motivating you and getting through a certain piece of work. My team's really small. And the four of the members of my team are consultants, I'm not. So I'm the person who's in the office every day. So there will be days in the week where I'm in alone.

Skip to 0 minutes and 36 secondsSay, for example, last week I was in the office four days by myself. So you can imagine being on your own in an office with tasks to do is a job in itself to kind of keep yourself ticking over and pushing through. What I find is I use a little matrix of urgency and importance and I kind of list all my tasks into the four different categories. So I have focus to keep myself going. Also taking regular breaks is another one too. A lot of people, especially if you're sat behind a desk or a computer screen or you're making a million of the same part, then motivation will just drain out of you. No matter what, monotony is degrading.

Skip to 1 minute and 22 secondsSpice it up. Take a day off midweek. Go for a walk for your lunch break. Anything like that can just recharge the batteries. Take your holidays and things like that, don't waste them on hangover days and things like that. But use them productively to recharge your batteries. That's the key. We're a very quirky office, we have an office WhatsApp group. And, you know, someone will go off and win some work and they'll come back and report back. Or someone will have gone and delivered some training somewhere. Or someone will have done something else. And there's always praise. And telling people, you know, well done. That's amazing. That's really good.

Skip to 1 minute and 59 secondsAnd we're very much about recognizing when someone's done something exceptionally well. I have coaching sessions with my MD. So we'll go for coffee and have a one-to-one. And it's not a case of her kind of dictating to me this is what you did wrong. There's never been a conversation like that. It's a very open and safe environment. So she will open with asking me, OK what things have gone well and what things haven't gone so well. It's not a case of what you've done wrong. And I think that was an interesting experience the very first time I'd had it. And just being open and honest.

Skip to 2 minutes and 36 secondsAnd she'll offer me her observations and how I could improve and things I could do to improve the next time. But it's not a case of her just dictating to me, it's a conversation where I kind of think of solutions myself that I feel would be effective for my working style. If your company doesn't have a formal appraisal procedure, then demand it pretty much straight away. Even if you just get fobbed off with a, oh yeah we'll have one in six months. Then that's fine, write it down. Because even if it's only every year as a more formal appraisal system, I have one three times a year, to do with my term dates.

Skip to 3 minutes and 15 secondsAnd that shows me OK this is what I've achieved in the last three months. We look back three months at the notes and say, oh I wanted to achieve this. I've gone off key. Is that what I want to do? Do I want to redirect my goals or do I want to go back to my original goals? But it's very important. And obviously it's a great formal way to check your own progress. Be patient and love your job. Because this is your choice to not have any negative emotions. You choose that and you need to finish that. My supervisor will ask me every day when I've finished my work, how's it going? Ah, how is that? And is it boring?

Skip to 4 minutes and 0 secondsAnd he says, oh I don't want to push you to do that, but I just want to check about that. And I will try my best to not give you such boring things to you again. Well that impressed me. And I will tell her, oh it's fine to me, I'm fine because that's my job, I need to do that. Well, it's a little boring, but I don't mind. And well, he does not push me to do that, but because of this I will encourage myself to finish that as quick as I can.

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