Skip to 0 minutes and 8 secondsGlobalisation concerns three big challenges. The first big challenge is of inequality. Inequality is not just about wealth distribution. It is about ensuring equal opportunity to different human capacities. The second big challenge that globalisation concerns is that of global governance. With rapid global economic integration, you need global governance mechanisms to absorb the shocks from globalisation. However, in the current world, we are facing a deficit of global governance. The third big challenge that globalisation concerns is artificial intelligence. It is well noted that artificial intelligence has existential risks for human rights. The mere fact that artificial intelligence will provide economic growth is not enough of an argument to promote these technologies without understanding their true impact and their counter-uses. Governments are ill prepared.

Skip to 1 minute and 6 secondsAnd they don't understand the technology behind artificial intelligence to regulate it in a manner that promotes economic growth and equally regulates its counter-uses. Last semester, I had the opportunity to take Professor Baldwin's class on globalisation. One of the things that I learned in this class are the impact that globalisation has on different workers in different countries. From globalisation, some workers are going to be winners. And some workers are going to be losers. However, I wish in this class we had gone beyond analysing globalisation from an economic perspective and also looked at it from a social perspective as well.

Skip to 1 minute and 51 secondsOne of the things that I wish we had gone more into detail about in the class is the impact that globalisation has on workers in developing countries, in particular women. In developing countries in the manufacturing sector, a lot of women are hired to work in these low wage earning jobs. And in turn, they earn little wages. And they cannot adequately provide for their families, which in turn leads to a vicious cycle of poverty.

Some contesting views from students

Following our previous step, the next video presents views from students on the negative effects of globalisation.

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