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Skip to 0 minutes and 4 seconds I think Australian history is important because it’s really vital that we know the history of our own place. So if you’re an Australian living in a country, you should know a little bit about its past, its background, how it came to be the way it is in terms of its political life, its cultural life and its social history. Its very important to me personally because I undertook a journey of study as a undergraduate student and I became very interested in histories other than Australia and that was wonderful for me because it opened my eyes to thinking about all types of histories, including British history and other forms of European history.

Skip to 0 minutes and 44 seconds But at a certain point I really wanted to know more about my place, my place as Australia and my role in that history. So I was very keen to unpack the layers of culture and politics and society.

Why study Australian history?

I often get asked ‘why should I study Australian history?’ Here to answer this question is professional historian and Head of School of the School of Humanities and Social Science, Professor Catharine Coleborne. Listen to Cathy explain the special relevance that Australian history has to today.

Your interest in the past

Why are you interested in studying Australian history?

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