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Skip to 0 minutes and 8 seconds Hello, I’m Ian Haynes, Professor of Archaeology at Newcastle University. Newcastle lies on Hadrian’s Wall and for generations, it’s been the centre for the study of Roman frontiers and a major centre for the study of Roman archaeology more generally. I’m excited about our work together over the next six weeks, when I’ll have an opportunity to introduce you to some of that expertise in my capacity here as Lead Educator on the course. We’ll be looking at the Wall and also the people who once lived alongside it, with various friends and colleagues, themselves all specialists in different aspects of Roman wall life.

Skip to 0 minutes and 48 seconds From time to time during the course, I’ll be popping in and out of the FutureLearn Learn platform and discussion groups on it in order

Skip to 0 minutes and 55 seconds to see how debates are going and to join our course tutors: some of our post-graduate students here, some of my fine doctoral students, and some of our postdoctoral researchers. We will also have a series of special live events and we hope that you’re going to be able to participate in those. They’ll give you an opportunity to engage in direct discussion with different specialists and, just as important, give us an opportunity to get to know you and your interests a little better. So I hope that you’re going to enjoy the next six weeks as much as we’ve enjoyed preparing this course for you and as much as I’ve enjoyed studying Hadrian’s Wall for three decades.

Meet the team: your guides to the Hadrian's Wall Life on the Roman Frontier course

Meet the team!

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Professor Ian Haynes: Lead Educator (Professor of Archaeology, Newcastle University)
Ian is the Lead Educator on this course, and will guide you through the next six weeks. Ian received his doctorate in Roman archaeology at Oxford University in 1994, and lectured at both Oxford and London universities before being appointed Chair of Archaeology at Newcastle in 2007.

Dr Rob Collins: Educator
Rob will occasionally appear in videos during the course. He is particularly interested in the later Roman period and artefacts. Rob works for the Portable Antiquities Scheme and is a Post-Doctoral Researcher on Newcastle University’s Frontiers of the Roman Empire Digital Humanities Initiative.

Skylar Arbuthnot: Mentor
Newcastle University student and former U.S. Army Captain, Sky is currently finishing a Master’s dissertation on extra-mural settlements along Hadrian’s Wall and beginning a PhD on Roman defensive artillery at Newcastle University.

Emma Gooch: Mentor
Emma is an MA in Archaeology student at Newcastle. She completed her undergraduate degree at Newcastle earlier this year.

I am delighted to add that our distinguished Visiting Professor David Breeze, will be participating in the discussion boards during the first week too. As many of you will know, David’s jointly authored classic ‘Hadrian’s Wall’ (written with Brian Dobson) and his edition of the ‘Hadrian’s Wall Handbook’ are the most widely read studies of the Wall ever published. We hope that you will feel welcome to use these discussions to ask questions and offer insights.

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  • Where is the nearest Roman monument to where you live? If you don’t have a Roman monument nearby, don’t worry - do you have a favourite Roman monument?

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