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Image showing the pages of an old fairy tale book
An old book on fairy tales

Further readings on the folk tale genre and the actantial model

Below we have listed some resources that you can study if you would like to know more about the folk tale genre and the actantial model.

The actantial model

If you want to know more about the actantial model, please take a look at this text:

Hébert, L (undated). The Actantial Model. Signo. Theoretical Semiotics on the Web.

Morphology of the folk tale.

Follow the link below to read excerpts from Vladimir Propp’s Morphology of the Folk Tale, which is the most basic study of the structure of folk tales and a precondition for the actantial model. You will find the two first chapters of Propp’s book and a useful introduction (p.1-4):

Exerpts from: Vladímir Propp. Morphology of the Folk Tale. 1928. Translation 1968, The American Folklore Society and Indiana University.

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