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Image showing Hans Christian Andersen's childhood home in Odense
Hans Christian Andersen's childhood home

Visit Hans Christian Andersen’s Odense

Visit Odense in Denmark and follow in the footsteps of the great author.

In Odense, you will have the opportunity to participate in Hans Christian Andersen Events, explore the many attractions related to the author and study the fairy tale sculptures located around the city.

Continue your Hans Christian Andersen studies on the Visit Odense web site.

This guide (pdf file) will give you an overview of the different relevant sites in Odense and explain their significance to Hans Christian Andersen.

Odense is not the only interesting place if you want to continue your studies of Hans Christian Andersen. The author visited several country houses on the island of Funen where Odense is located. You can follow the trail of Hans Christian Andersen – start your journey on the Visit Fyn web site.

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