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Hans Christian Andersen

Meet the team

Five experts connected to the Hans Christian Andersen Centre have the great pleasure to host this course.

The Hans Christian Andersen Centre is a unit of the University of Southern Denmark. It is located in Odense, Denmark, the home town of the famous author. The purpose of the centre is to:

  • carry out cultural and literary research on an international level into the works, life and significance of Hans Christian Andersen.
  • communicate obtained knowledge on Hans Christian Andersen and his works.
  • contribute to the continued international visibility of Hans Christian Andersen’s works and his significance as a literary and cultural icon.

The Hans Christian Andersen Center collaborates with a large number of culture and research centers in Denmark and internationally.

The course will be run by Professors Johannes Nørregaard Frandsen and Jacob Bøggild, Ph.D. scholar Torsten Bøgh Thomsen and Professor Ivy York Möller-Christensen (the course educators), and Mette Dam Laursen (the course facilitator).

They are all happy to provide further information on Hans Christian Andersen or the course itself. You may want to follow our educators and facilitator while you are on the course:

Johannes’ Profile
Jacob’s Profile
Torsten’s Profile
Ivy’s Profile
Mette’s Profile

You may find you come up against some difficulties in the course. If you follow the educators it will be easier for yo to find advice they have given in response to queries. If you can’t find the right answer, please post a comment in the step that relates to your concern.

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