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Is email always the best way to communicate in a GVT?

SPLIT: Technology

Leaders of GVTs need to make technology work in their favour.

To this end, a leader should think about these questions:

Should communication be instant?

Leaders should choose the appropriate communication mode to suit the situation. For discussing complex or ambiguous tasks, instant technologies may be the best choice. Otherwise, delayed formats (eg email) may be simpler and more efficient for sharing information.

Do I need to reinforce the message?

It is advised that leaders use multiple communication modes to reinforce a message. Information can be lost in teleconferences or video conferences (compared to face-to-face meetings) due to unreliable technology. Leaders of GVTs can follow up on meetings with an email to all attendees to ensure that everyone understands and agrees on the meeting outcomes.

By implementing the strategies in the SPLIT framework, the GVT is more likely to feel less social distance, have greater mutual trust and sense of togetherness, and perform better.

Your task

Reflect on the SPLIT framework that we’ve discussed across the last three steps.

If you’ve read about any helpful suggestions that you think would apply to your team – note them down.

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