Skip to 0 minutes and 13 secondsHello again. We hope you enjoyed week 1. It's been fantastic to see all your contributions to the discussions this week. We appreciate the sincerity and openness with which you are sharing your experiences. So let's get started with learning in week 2. This week, we look at the challenges in health-workforce planning and some of the solutions to those challenges. We're excited about the two conversations we'll have with Dr. Mark Avery and Dr. Gloria Nambozo. Mark talks about the complexities of an intergenerational and globally mobile health workforce. And from Gloria we hear a Ugandan perspective on health-workforce challenges. We end the week by exploring proven strategies to future-proof the health workforce.

Skip to 0 minutes and 55 secondsAnd we hope that you'll learn further practical skills and knowledge in week 2. And we look forward to engaging with you.

Welcome to week 2

Welcome to Week 2. Watch this short video in which Sheree gives you an outline of the week ahead.

This week we look at the challenges to workforce planning, in particular:

  • changing demographics
  • multigenerational workforce
  • globally mobile workforce

We also look at the solutions to these challenges, in particular the innovative strategies to recruit, develop and retain health workers.

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Future-proofing the Health Workforce

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