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Summary of week 2

In Week 2, you reflected on your own knowledge to identify and find support for your project. We then considered sources of local, regional and national support. We began to develop your innovation proposal and looked at communicating your proposed innovation to key stakeholders.

In Week 3 you will learn how to use simple techniques and tools to help you plan and develop your innovation, and manage your time. When considering making changes to services, it is important to be able to plan the resources and time required so everyone is clear on the steps required, by whom and by when. We will explore some simple techniques to help with this. You will also have the opportunity to explore some innovation case studies from practicing healthcare scientists. We will also revisit communication in Week 4, when we consider the adoption and dissemination of innovation.

Having successfully completed Week 2, what are the three key things you have learned? Share your thoughts with learners using the comments section.

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