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Skip to 0 minutes and 11 seconds Thank you for participating in the Understanding Innovation in the Healthcare Sciences course. At the beginning of the course, we defined what innovation is, its importance within the healthcare sciences. And we provided examples of innovation projects that have been undertaken. This will have helped you identify improvements that could be made to your own service, and led you to examine the needs of your service users, and how your work aligns with your organisation’s strategic objectives. We then looked at the support that is available to you, both within your organisation and outside of it, to help you drive your idea forward, and to provide funding you need to develop your innovation.

Skip to 0 minutes and 50 seconds The key aspects of developing a sound business case were outlined, as well as the strategies that you could use to engage your stakeholders in your project, and to ensure you obtain the buy-in that you need to get your project started. The process of planning out the implementation of your project, and the tools that could be used to monitor its process, were also outlined. We explored the techniques that could be used to evaluate your service’s current performance, which would then provide a baseline to measure the impact of the changes your project would make, and to determine the success of your pilot study.

Skip to 1 minute and 24 seconds Finally, we considered the variety of communication channels that are available to help you to disseminate the findings of your project, the benefits it has brought to your service, and its potential for wider adoption across the National Health Service. We hope that this course has equipped you with the knowledge and understanding you need to undertake an innovation project within your own service. And we wish you every success in the future.

Course summary

Watch our video summing up the material covered by the course and the key learning messages.

We hope that you enjoyed this course on Understanding Innovation in the Healthcare Sciences and that the tools learned will give you the confidence to introduce your own innovations in your workplace. The links to further reading will help you to expand and develop your knowledge, and practice, of innovation.

The key learning messages from the course are:

  • Ensure you understand the differences between innovation, service improvement, audit and research;

  • Know where to go to for support both locally and externally- local support mechanisms are especially important for those new to innovation;

  • Plan the resources and time required to undertake your service improvement or innovation project, so everyone is clear on the steps required, by whom and by when;

  • Evaluate appropriately the benefit gained by introduction of your innovation;

  • Share your good practice; know how to adopt your innovation locally and disseminate the findings of your innovation for wider adoption.

And always remember that the patient is central to all healthcare. Your innovation should, directly or indirectly, lead to improvements in patient care.

You have done a great job studying this course with us. Your innovation project is now planned. Build on this success by putting the plan into action and providing a case study for future deliveries of the course! If you wish to provide a case study, please email MAHSE.

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