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A healthcare worker inserting a blood sample into a test tube rack.
Handling blood samples.

Digging deeper

A warm welcome to the second week in healthcare research.

Last week we discussed the link between research and practice, how paradigms frame research and the tools that can be used to conduct your research.

This week we’ll build on this by exploring the ethical considerations and processes involved in doing a research project, as well as how unethical practices have driven the need for research governance.

You’ll also have a chance to share your thoughts on your own ethical principles and receive feedback in a peer-review activity.

This week…

Through this week’s activities you will:

  • be guided through the basic research process

  • reflect on your own research project

  • discuss the importance of ethical research

  • investigate ethical principles that will inform your own practice

Your task

Share your thoughts on what you are hoping to get out of this week.

Don’t forget to look at other learners’ responses and try to respond to at least one other comment as this will help generate discussion between you. You can also ‘like’ comments that you find particularly interesting or relevant.

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