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Introducing the team

In this step we introduce the team of academics responsible for this MOOC.

  • The lead course creator is Ian Kirkpatrick who was previously the Monash Warwick Professor of Healthcare Improvement & Implementation Science (Organisational Studies) at Warwick Business School and is now based at the University of York. Ian’s research has focused on the management, organisation and performance of health services, both in the UK and internationally and he has published widely on this topic, including various books focusing on the new public management and the management of social care services.
  • Bernard Crump is the Lead Educator of this run of the course and is currently Professor of Practice in Healthcare and Leadership at Warwick Business School and was previously based at Warwick Medical School. Bernard originally studied medicine at the University of Birmingham and has taken on many public roles including CEO of Shropshire and Staffordshire Strategic Health Authority and later the first CEO of the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement.
  • Helena Teede is a professor and Director of the Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation. By training, Helena is an endocrinologist with a focus on women’s metabolic and reproductive health, but has developed a strong interest in knowledge translation and policy change, with various external roles including Executive Director of Monash Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre.
  • Nicola Burgess is Associate Professor of Operations Management. Nicola’s research activity is focused in healthcare, conducting a number of projects in the NHS in the areas of service improvement, lean, RCA, patient safety, patient involvement, organisational learning, knowledge brokerage and leadership.
  • Charlotte Croft is Associate Professor of Healthcare Improvement at Warwick Business School. Her research focuses on issues of professional identity and organisational behaviour in healthcare systems. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Charlotte has returned to frontline nursing at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.
  • Graeme Currie is Professor of Public Management at Warwick Business School. Graeme is a highly published expert on the topic of leadership and clinical networks. He has led on many National Institute for Health Research funded projects and previously served as Director of CLAHRC for Nottingham, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.
  • Ian Mcloughlin is a professor at the Department of Management at Monash University. Ian is a highly-published expert in the field of digital government, project and innovation management, e-health, digital health and healthcare improvement science.
  • Rick Iedema was formally a Visiting Professor in Healthcare Improvement at the Monash Centre for Health Research and Improvement and is now based at King’s College London. He specialises in health reform policy, front-line implementation, uptake of that policy and is a recognised expert on patient safety.
  • Gerry McGivern is Professor of Organisational Analysis at Warwick Business School. Gerry’s research focuses on understanding professionals’ knowledge, practice, identity and leadership. He has worked on numerous projects including those funded by prestigious bodies such as the General Medical Council, National Institute for Health Research and General Osteopathic Council.
  • Eivor Oborn is Professor of Health Care Management at Warwick Business School. She originally trained as a clinician before turning to a successful academic career. Eivor is a well-published expert on the topics of change management, leadership and digital health.
  • Sophie Staniszewska is a Professor at the Warwick Medical School. Currently, she leads the Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) and Patient Experiences Programme at the RCN Research Institute at the University of Warwick. Previously Sophie was Director of Research at the National Centre for Involvement and Director of Graduate Studies in the School of Health and Social Studies.
  • Jacky Swan is a Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Warwick Business School. Jacky’s research investigates the management of knowledge and networks with a specific focus on innovation in healthcare settings.

Now tell us about yourself

One of the really wonderful ways this course can build on the resources we’ve prepared for you here is if you, our global learners, are willing to share your own experiences (personal or professional) with each other.

Before we really begin the first week, the nature and origins of healthcare improvement and the challenge of change, please take a few moments to introduce yourself below, say a little about where you are and your motivation for taking this course. Find out about your fellow learners by reading and replying to other comments before marking the step as complete and moving onto the next one.

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