Skip to 0 minutes and 14 secondsWelcome to this course. This course is entitled Culture Diversity in the City. Actually, this course is about cultural heritage, cultural diversity, and how these develop in urban contexts. Urban centres are characterised by high levels of cultural diversity. Actually, have you heard about the term, super-diversity? This was coined for London and for the many ethnic groups, the many languages, the many cultures, and religions of the people that inhabit London. So this is the kind of situations that we're going to be talking to. However, but lesser perhaps known cases of cities that come to terms with cultural diversity are trying to use it to promote their profile in the outside world. Takes the example of Bristol, not so well-known as London.

Skip to 1 minute and 2 secondsBut Bristol was a famous port for slave trade two centuries ago. How does Bristol come to terms with its painful heritage? Take another example-- Cologne and its mosque, which had created a big controversy. How is Cologne reinventing its own identity? Now, leaving Europe-- looking at other world regions-- take the example of Mumbai. What about Bollywood? How does Mumbai use or develop the idea of a different cultural scene to counteract rather dominant cultural discourses such as that of Hollywood? Another example is Singapore-- indeed the prototype of cultural diversity strategies. Doha is an example from the Middle East-- a regional centre of culture that is reinventing itself.

Skip to 1 minute and 55 secondsThese are some of the examples that we're going to be talking to in this course. So stay with us, and you'll find a lot of interesting things about how cities come to terms with their cultural diversity heritage and how they reinvent it.

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