Skip to 0 minutes and 13 secondsWelcome to the course. Are you ready to discover the impact the cities and the built environments of yesterday have on our lives today and our communities tomorrow? Join us as we begin our journey together seeking answers to the question can we live without heritage. Over the next two weeks, we'll learn about the importance of heritage and how we can improve heritage conservation efforts through sharing local information in a global setting. It's our responsibility to preserve our heritage so it can be passed to the next generation. But why is heritage so important?

Skip to 0 minutes and 50 secondsIn the same way that parents and grandparents are the roots of the cultural identity of a child, heritage is important, as it contributes to the cultural identity of our societies. As a background to our built environment, heritage not only displays the history of a place and the past values developed by the communities, but it also contributes to a shared vision of the same communities for tomorrow. There are a number of challenges we face as we try to conserve our heritage. For instance, heritage values can be misunderstood or rejected.

Skip to 1 minute and 31 secondsFor example, during times of political revolution, some important historical buildings can be significantly altered and some even destroyed, as they are considered to be representative and a reminder of different and contradictory views. Another example would be money, which is a key challenge for many of us these days. Heritage conservation and preservation are often thought to be really expensive. However, this is not always the case. In this course, you'll find out about the importance of heritage and challenges we face. We'll also discover ways you can be involved in creating a legacy to ensure the next generation, and generations to come, have the opportunity to connect with their heritage. This week, we begin our journey.

Skip to 2 minutes and 20 secondsWe'll start with defining heritage from global perspectives and discuss what heritage means in our local areas. We'll look at heritage policies and frameworks and their application to a variety of contexts. We'll also begin to investigate the challenges associated with sustaining our heritage. Let's get started with Week 1.

Welcome to the course

This course will introduce you to the value of heritage within built environment contexts, and the different global strategies for heritage assessment and conservation.

This week, we explore definitions of heritage, investigate heritage policies and frameworks and begin to look into heritage challenges. Watch the video to find out more about what to expect.

Meet the team

Join educators Karine and Caryl - leading researchers from Griffith University - as you learn more about why heritage conservation is so important to us all.

Find out a little about Karine and Caryl as they introduce themselves and share how they would currently rate their understanding of heritage on the knowledge barometer.

Associate Professor Karine Dupre

Associate Professor Karine Dupre

I am an Associate Professor at Griffith University (Australia), Program Director at Griffith Architecture and a member of the Griffith Institute for Tourism.

Passionate about cross-disciplinary approaches and partnerships, grounded on practical expertise, I have extensive experience in cities and tourism, place-making, building heritage, feasibility studies, urban development and sustainability.

Well-traveled, working with the private and public sectors, I am also an expert for the Australian Technical Experts Network, consultant for Queensland rural towns, Foreign Consultant of the Tourism Planning Academy of Jiangxi Province (China) and High End Expert for Hunan Province (China). Yet, I cannot get rid of my terrible French accent!

On a five-point scale ranging from Very Low to Very High, I would rate my current level of understanding of heritage as high. Although I have been working and researching in this field, I’m still learning more.

Associate Professor Caryl Bosman

Associate Professor Caryl Bosman

I am an Associate Professor teaching and researching Urban Design and Environmental Planning at Griffith University on the Gold Coast campus. While teaching at Griffith, I have received numerous accolades for teaching excellence, including two major Australian National awards.

My current research interest and publications focus on the scholarship of learning and teaching, the histories of planning and placemaking, with a focus on heritage, and the provision of housing for an aging population. I have worked in architectural practices in South Africa, London and Adelaide and taught in both architectural and planning degree programs.

I would rate my current level of understanding of heritage as high. I too am still on a learning journey. Heritage is political, and policies and ideas change. These changes mean my learning will be lifelong.

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