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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 seconds As we’ve been discussing, there are many different professions involved in conserving our heritage. People with a wide variety of interests, such as history, archaeology, architecture, planning, all these people help to promote the importance of heritage and contribute to our cultural and environmental identity. We’ve gathered a few professionals together to share their stories about their roles and how they got to where they are today.

Skip to 0 minutes and 42 seconds Hi. My name’s Tyson McCulloch. I’m an architect with heritage background, and I’ve worked for the state government and local government here in Brisbane doing heritage work. The work that I’m currently involved in is getting places on the Heritage Register, so protecting buildings and places. This involves research and site visits to record the fabric that exists and writing reports to say why a place is significant, and this can be short or long. It usually involves around about three months’ worth of work for each place. And, once they get on the Heritage Register, they’re protected. Some of the other work that I’m involved in at the moment is development applications.

Skip to 1 minute and 30 seconds Once a place is entered on the Heritage Register, any work that is building work or alterations to a place need to have heritage approval, and so that comes to us as the state government authority. And we have a look at the work that’s proposed and work with the applicant to ensure that it doesn’t have a detrimental impact on the heritage significance of the place and ensure that the place is conserved.

Skip to 1 minute and 59 seconds Hello, I am Honorine Fanelli, director of the Building Projects, Conservation and Project Management department, for the Sogaris group, leader of the urban logistics sector. I am an architect by trade, and graduated in 1998 with Masters. Within the Sogaris group, I ensure the direction of project management support and project conservation as we own facilities and offices. I also manage projects from feasibility studies to completion since we are also building and buying real estate surfaces that we maintain. I have been in this position 1 and a half years, and I am very happy. There are daily challenges because it is a new job for me, and it’s also new for the Sogaris group.

Skip to 2 minutes and 49 seconds Actually we are currently building a new structure and this is exciting. I am really not frustrated to have left the architectural office as I am practising architecture every day but in different ways. We imagine and create new ways to exploit, manage and design the buildings so that in their everyday use our buildings are optimised at the technical, financial and administrative level. Thank you for listening.

Skip to 3 minutes and 26 seconds Hi. My name is Mary Howells. I’m a historian, and I’ve worked here in the Heritage Branch for the past nine years. Prior to that, I worked in libraries for more than 10 years for a number of local government authorities just on the outskirts of Brisbane. So, when I worked in libraries, I did a lot of oral history interviews with local people. That was absolutely fascinating. Since coming to work in Heritage Branch, it’s been quite a different kind of work, which is pretty much pure research. To me, heritage is about preserving or conserving the best places for future generations and for present generations, of course. Most recently, I’ve been summarising every single place on state Heritage Register into tourism-focused summaries.

Skip to 4 minutes and 22 seconds So this is writing it in a complete different language that is really easy to understand and enticing to a tourist. And this information is now held in a mobile-optimised app, which is available through our website, with cute photos and brief summaries and little maps to try and explain heritage to Queenslanders. So I’m hoping that that’s working. [LAUGHTER] It’s still a work in progress. Having listened to these stories, you’ve probably gained some new perspectives on what it’s like to work within some of the different fields that support heritage conservation. Were you surprised by anything you heard? I hope you were inspired to learn more.

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