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Lifelong learning

Don’t stop your learning journey here! Continue to uncover more ways to deepen your discoveries about heritage assessment and conservation.

Heritage is created by people and it is a constantly expanding and evolving area of study. Heritage studies is linked to the social science and humanities disciplines, including urban planning, history, architecture and archaeology. These disciplines focus on different approaches to and aspect of heritage studies. Your further research into heritage will be determined by your interests, inclinations and background knowledge.


As you start to get involved in heritage projects you may find you want (and need) to know more about certain aspects of heritage. Here are some keywords and phrases that will extend your knowledge and hopefully broaden your understanding of what heritage is:

  • architectural heritage
  • architectural history
  • engineering heritage
  • indigenous archaeology
  • industrial heritage
  • maritime archaeology
  • military archaeology
  • monuments and memorials
  • planning history
  • transport heritage
  • urban design history

Your task

Select a few of the keywords listed and search online to see what you can find.

Share a summary of your search results in the comments.

  • What did your search return?
  • Were you inspired to pursue any of these topics further?
  • If you come across any interesting resources, make sure you share them with the other learners.

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