Skip to 0 minutes and 6 secondsJOHN RASA: Globally, hospitals are confronting rising demands for their services as an increasing proportion of the population in developed countries are elderly and encountering chronic and complex conditions which the health sector is expected to manage both efficiently and effectively. Patient expectations are the receipt of a safe level of quality of care with good clinical outcomes, and public reporting on hospital performance is also gaining momentum. Hello. I'm John Rasa Adjunct Associate Professor of Health at Deakin University. Welcome to Hospital Operations-- Improving Patient Experience. This course explores the politically sensitive issues of delays in service access, the better management of waiting lists, and the quest to make our hospitals more efficient and effective within their budgetary and capacity constraints.

Skip to 1 minute and 5 secondsPayers of hospital services, including governments, health insurers, and patients alike want the costs of service delivery to be kept at a sustainable level. So the job of a hospital manager is to accurately assess the issues, and armed with the necessary tools, meet the expectations of various stakeholders by ensuring all elements of the hospital process and systems operate as efficiently as possible. As a unit chair of the wider hospital operations program at Deakin, I'm excited by the material we'll be covering in this course because it sits at the heart of the essential business of providing better care for patients.

Skip to 1 minute and 47 secondsThe big questions we'll be addressing in this course are what are the key challenges facing hospital operations, and how can we address them to improve patient experience and outcomes? To answer these questions, together we'll explore a range of key theories, models, and frameworks that can be used to reduce hospital delays and improve both patient flow and patient journey. We'll look at a range of real life case studies and consider how we can apply what we have learned about evidence-based interventions to improve hospital operations and patient experience, all the time remembering that hospitals are only one part-- but an important part-- of a broader, interrelated system of health care delivery.

Skip to 2 minutes and 34 secondsThroughout the course, you'll be asked to reflect on your own professional context, participate in discussions, and review and analyse relevant evidence-based and case-study materials. I also encourage you to regularly share your thoughts in the comments section of each step, and reflect and comment on the observation of others. I look forward to you joining me and your educators on this learning journey as we seek to improve the experience of every patient that entrusts us with their care.

Let’s get started

Welcome to Hospital Operations: Improving Patient Experience.

This free open course is part of the Hospital Operations program and will provide you with a taste of Deakin University’s Graduate Certificate of Hospital Administration, a degree designed to equip you with the critical skills and knowledge required to manage different kinds of hospitals.

In this course we’ll be working through some real-life case studies to better understand hospital operations in a variety of local and global contexts.

By analysing the systems and processes involved, we will investigate practical ways to deliver more effective, efficient and safer patient care.

While our feature case studies are drawn predominantly from the United Kingdom and United States, further references and links to materials from other countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and Portugal, have also been made available to canvass global perspectives that you can relate and apply to your own local context.

What will you be learning?

In this course you’ll:

  • examine key issues facing different types of hospitals from a global perspective
  • explore operational responses to the challenges faced by hospitals, especially with regards to delays, queuing, information collection and patient processing
  • discover theoretical frameworks and perspectives that assist in designing solutions to operational functions
  • look at practical strategies for improving patient experience
  • develop methods for implementing and evaluating solutions to hospital operation issues.

Your learning outcomes

By completing this course, you should be able to:

  • describe the challenges facing hospitals operating in a variety of local and global contexts
  • identify some of the key theories, models and frameworks being used to address these challenges
  • apply your understanding to improve hospital operations
  • evaluate different methodologies/metrics for improving patient experience.

Meet the team

Your Lead Educator for this course is Adjunct Associate Professor John Rasa. John is an academic and senior health management professional, and the Chief Examiner for the Australasian College of Health Service Management.

Joining you in conversation will be Associate Professor Sandeep Reddy, Director MBA (Healthcare Management) and Course Chair, Graduate Certificate in Hospital Administration at Deakin University.

You’ll also be hearing from Damian Armour, who studied at Deakin and is now CEO at Epworth Hospital in Geelong, Australia and Scott Bennett, a registered nurse and experienced leader with 20 years of healthcare experience gained through work in Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom.

If you haven’t already, take a moment to view your teaching teams’ profiles and follow John and Scott for course updates, feedback and discussions. You can also add to the conversation on social media using #FLhospitaloperations.

Your task

Watch the video to hear more from John about the critical issues facing hospital operations and how these will be addressed in this course.

When you’re done, use the comments to introduce yourself and share why you’re taking this course and what you hope to get out of it. Also let us know where you are in your career, what environment you work in and what you think the biggest challenge in your area is in terms of delivering an excellent patient experience.

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