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What is the most important thing you learnt this week?

What we've covered so far

Hospital operations are based on interdependent, interlocking and sometimes complex processes and systems that all combine to deliver safe, efficient and effective patient care.

In Week 1 of this course we started our learning journey by looking at a broad overview of what hospital operations are and how the many components of hospital systems fit together.

We looked at the patient journey, patient flow and how delays can build in the system.

Having defined the difference between patient flow and patient journey, and seeking to understand the nature of delays, we have begun to consider how we might approach solving some of the many causes of hospital delays.

We saw that addressing the challenges of running a hospital and improving its functioning relies on understanding how the component parts come together and what we, as hospital administrators and leaders, can do to improve the overall functioning of hospital operations by looking at systems thinking approaches.

We then used the United Kingdom’s NHS as a case study and starting point to consider what it takes to run hospitals, which also introduced us some of the many challenges’ hospital managers face.

This included considering what the four-hour wait target is trying to achieve in terms of managing the performance of hospital systems as a whole and just not emergency departments in isolation (eg how different departments come together to achieve a common goal).

Finally, we discussed performance measurement, deciding what’s important, how it will be measured and what we’re trying to achieve, which is a critical step in running effective services for optimum patient experience and outcomes.

Your task

Based on what you’ve covered so far in this course, what are your key takeaways?

Are there any questions that you’d like to ask or ideas that you’d like to clarify before taking the test in the next step?

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