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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 secondsJOHN RASA: Congratulations on completing week one of this course. We've covered a lot this week, and in week two we'll continue our quest to discover how we can improve hospital operations to better serve our patients. We'll do this by focusing on case studies, addressing the broader system issues faced by the UK's NHS as they impact efficient hospital operations, as well as more micro approaches to addressing hospital operation delays in the United States. This will incorporate an examination of the implementation and evaluation of various approaches to improving patient flow issues through the use of tools like business process reengineering and business process improvement.

Skip to 0 minutes and 50 secondsExamining cases including a pre-admission testing area, and a closer look at the more efficient management of our patient scheduling and emergency department treatment. As we'll see, case studies are a useful tool for hospital administrators to study real life situations and hypothetical scenarios that can be applied to their own operational contexts. And the ones we'll be looking at have been specifically chosen to focus on the application of operations and patient flow management. Finally, a special thank you to everyone who's contributed constructively to our comments and discussion so far.

Skip to 1 minute and 31 secondsLearning with and through each other is an important goal of academic study, and the community of practice that we aim to foster in this course is also critical for improving our professional practice across the hospital sector. I look forward to continuing our learning journey together in week two of this course.

Whats on for next week?

Next week we’ll be using case studies to further examine the challenges hospitals face and methods for addressing, improving and evaluating hospital performance.

We’ll start by looking at business process engineering (BPR) as a method for addressing large-scale operational change, how this differs from the more micro-focus of business process improvement (BPI) strategies and how BPR can be applied to hospital contexts.

You’ll then have the opportunity to apply your learning over the two weeks of the course in a facilitated analysis of some real-life case studies.

This will enable you to further your understanding of the many complex issues related to hospital operations and start thinking about how you can implement and evaluate solutions in relation to your own organisational context.

Your task

Watch the video from John to find out more about what’s on for next week and how we’ll be using case studies to implement and evaluate solutions to hospital operation issues.

In the comments, share with other learners what you’re most looking forward to learning next week.

You can also post any feedback about the course so far.

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