A picture of the four educators who will support you throughout the course - Marc, Laura, Michael and James

Meet the Team

Before you begin the course, we’d like to introduce the Raspberry Pi Education team. They will be around throughout this course to offer support and guidance.

Marc is an ex-teacher who’s responsible for creating and managing Raspberry Pi educational resources. He’s passionate about open education, Emacs, and martial arts.

Laura creates and maintains the Raspberry Pi educational resources. Besides computers, she loves cats, cakes, board games, and making jam.

Michael is a physicist turned educator who’s excited about helping people discover their creativity through coding. In his spare time he enjoys performing stand-up comedy.

Mac loves digital making, video games, audiobooks and baked goods. He’s a Learning Manager at Raspberry Pi and is passionate about Computer Science education. He has taught in a range of different environments, from summer camps to GCSE classes.

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