Which food do you trust the most?

Take a look at these four food products - all of them are typical components of most people’s diets. Think about how much you trust each food item.


loaf of homemade crusty bread

Image by Jørgen Håland / unsplash.com

Frozen beans

Frozen beans with ice crystals visible, on a heart-shaped plate

Image by Africa Studio/ stock.adobe.com

Canned food

selection of tins opened and showing contents of sweetcorn, beans, pineapple and fish

Image by Artem Shadrin/ stock.adobe.com

Bagged salad

bag of salad, opened, with leaves spilling out

Image by Noel/ stock.adobe.com

In the comments section, please rate them in order of which you trust more (1 for the product you trust the least, and 4 for the one you trust the most). Enter your answers in number order and tell us why you rated them as you did.

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