Welcome to Week 4

In the last three weeks, you’ve learned about a range of food processing technologies. Having established that food processing includes any process that changes the form of the food and may take place in our kitchens as much as it does in industrial plants, you discussed the reasons for processing and how it evolved. In the second week we covered some of the widely used, more traditional processing technologies such as homogenisation, pasteurisation, canning and drying. And in Week 3, we explored innovation and why it is needed in food processing. You explored examples of innovative processes and learned about a variety of packaging solutions. All share the aim of keeping our food safe and nutritious.

You’ve now discussed a lot about the technical and scientific side of food processing, but have you ever thought about the regulations that apply to food? How the government tries to keep us safe and the law that protects consumers? This Week, you’ll learn about EU food law and how regulations are made. We will also share with you the results of a consumer survey about perceptions of processed food.

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