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Skip to 0 minutes and 9 seconds Sanne Vliegenthart: Thank you for joining “How to Create Great Content Online” from the Institute of Coding. We really hope you’ve enjoyed the course. And if you did, you may want to take a look at the other two courses within Creating Digital Content. If you want to try something different, there’s a range of courses to choose from. You may wish to follow the Working with Digital Skills theme or the Professional Skills theme. Alternatively, you can navigate in any order you want to. Whichever route you decide, when you complete a course don’t forget to pick up your certificate and add it to your professional portfolio and LinkedIn achievements.

Skip to 0 minutes and 41 seconds Finally, if you are keen to continue learning about creating great content online, the Download section of this page contains some resources which you might find interesting or useful. Thanks again for taking part. See you next time.

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How to Create Great Online Content is one of three courses in Creating Digital Content, a program within the Institute of Coding’s Digital Skills in the Workplace portfolio of courses.

If you’ve enjoyed the course, you may also enjoy Create a Social Media Marketing Campaign where you will learn how to use social media effectively to communicate with an intended audience. In Create a Professional Online Presence you will learn how to present yourself in the most professional light and avoid any pitfalls that could compromise your employability. In addition, you can find out more about the other programs in the Digital Skills for the Workplace portfolio, which you may find interesting.

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Digital and Professional Skills

Throughout this Digital Skills for the Workplace portfolio of courses you can also choose to focus on digital skills or professional skills.

The Digital Skills stream explores how we can use technologies to explore new work opportunities or to develop skills that will enable you to work more effectively. Exploring these will help you to thrive in the new digital workplace.

The Professional Skills stream focuses on the abilities and qualities required in a wide variety of jobs across all work sectors. If you want to be successful at work you have to have these basic skills to work in an effective and professional way.

You can find out more about the full portfolio of courses in the short video above and in the portfolio map in the Downloads section.

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How to Create Great Online Content

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