Skip to 0 minutes and 8 secondsWelcome to How to Make a Poem. I'm Carol Ann Duffy, Creative Director of the Manchester Writing School. And it's my great pleasure to welcome you to this course, which will be led by two of our star tutors, award-winning poets Helen Mort and Michael Symmons Roberts. And a very warm welcome from me. I'm Adam O'Riordan, the Manchester Writing School's Academic Director. Manchester Writing School was established at Manchester Metropolitan University in 1998, and we pride ourselves on our strong teaching record and on the success of our alumni. Published writers emerging from our programme include acclaimed poets such as Carola Luther, Kei Miller, Kim Moore, and Jane Yeh.

Skip to 0 minutes and 49 secondsWe're pleased that you'll be meeting some of our recent graduates and current students in week three of this course. They will share with you first hand some of their experiences of the writing school and of making their own poems. It's my belief that you can find poetry in your everyday life, in your own memory, in what you might overhear someone say on a bus, in the street, in a cafe or a bar, in the news, or what you find in your heart. I've seen time and again how a course like this can begin the life-changing journey, and we're delighted that you've decided to take that journey with us.

Welcome to the course

Welcome to How To Make A Poem! On this course we will explore what inspires poetry, how we write poems and how to tell when your poem is finished. We ask how far writing poetry can be taught at all and which parts of the craft of poetry can be learned and practiced.

Over the next three weeks, we will support you in writing your poem step by step, from start to end. On this course, you have the chance to encounter poets from across world and throughout history, learning from the advice they have given others. Above all, you get to meet your fellow learners!

After watching the video, take the opportunity to introduce yourselves in the discussion below. We would love to hear what you hope to get from the course. We are also keen to know what poetry you are reading at the moment. What made you decide to join this course in the first place?

This is a good time to draw your attention to the Glossary we have provided as a download at the end of this step. We will be looking at this in more detail in Week 2. However, if you do come across unfamiliar words in the meantime, it’s there to help. Alternatively, you could ask fellow learners or one of our facilitators.

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