Skip to 0 minutes and 6 secondsWhen I was applying for my first role in production, I didn't think I had any relevant experience for the role. But I was able to read through the job description and pull out elements of professional skills I'd already managed to develop in my time in HR and reception, even at university, just in life being a person. So I was able to take elements of my personality and things that I was already using in my day to day life to just manage existing and apply those to a production role within a game's team. When I was applying for a job, I'd only been quite fortunate in having two summer internships beforehand.

Skip to 0 minutes and 39 secondsSo I could put those as good places of experience in my application. The other thing is I did lots of personal projects and university modules that were relevant. So I could put those in my portfolio as I experienced, then referenced that back to that portfolio in my application or CV. So that helped a lot for showing my experience for the job. You've heard our developers chat about what they put in their applications to evidence their skills and experience. Which of these strategies will you try?

Preparing your application

How do you sell yourself in your application?

In this video, you’ll hear our developers chat about what they put in their applications to evidence their skills and expertise.

The developers mention a few ways to provide evidence that they had the potential to do these jobs, even if they didn’t have any or a lot of direct experience of games development. Some involve thinking laterally about everyday skills. Other tips involve talking about personal and educational projects which show skills which could be applied to working on games.

Did these give you any good ideas?
Which of these strategies might you wish to try?

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