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The PhD proposal - put it all together!

As you have come to the end of all the activities in the course, there is one final thing you may want to do. That is to put it all together.

This is what you can do:

  • Collect all your weekly assignments
  • Incorporate the peer feedback and your own reflections from each week
  • Organise your different texts to a proposal. You can either use the structure used in the download section below, that we also we introduced as a template in week 1 step 1.3, or structure in according to another template with the major sections a PhD proposal needs

Some tips to ensure clarity, coherence and relevance of your draft PhD proposal

  • Revise the title of your proposal
  • Refine and sharpen the research statement, objective and sub-questions you wrote in the first week
  • Include findings from the literature and necessary research ethical guidance
  • Check for coherence of research design, methods and empirical material you include
  • Organize the PhD project resources, progress plans and milestones in a way that is clear and feasible throughout the study period
  • Check structure, format, writing style and references

Final reflection:

Do I have an adequate command of the field, to make my rationale persuasive? Does the structure of the draft PhD proposal cover and follow the template? Is my style and quality of writing focused and clear?

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