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End of course and good luck!

Wow, we are finally at the end of the course! I would like to thank and congratulate you for taking part in this journey. I hope you enjoyed your experience. We welcome your feedback, so please share your thoughts and suggestions regarding how we might improve this course (in the Futurelearn post-course survey). If you have time, we would highly appreciate you taking this 1-minute survey as well.

With good work during the past four weeks, you have worked through the key sections in a PhD proposal. If you have completed the assignments we gave you in the previous weeks, you have written the main components of a PhD proposal. The course is still open for a few more weeks, and you can go back to the different sections to revisit and complete your own PhD proposal. With clarified research statement, objectives and congruent sub-questions, a supporting literature review, and appropriate design and methods you can finalise the proposal, and start looking for a research group and supervisors.

With the good work you have completed, I wish you all the best in your further pursuit of a research career.

Best regards, Anne

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How to Write a PhD Research Proposal

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