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The Australian Research Centre for Human Evolution (ARCHE) is located at the Nathan Campus of Griffith University, Queensland, Australia.

We are the first academic centre specifically focused on gaining a deeper understanding of ancient human migrations and the full story of the origins of people in our region.

Our mission is to foster research excellence through multidisciplinary projects that bring together leading international scholars and institutions in the field of human evolution, with a particular focus on two key regions: Australia and neighbouring Southeast Asia.

You’ve already met a number of researchers from ARCHE – Rainer, Tanya, Maxime, Mathieu – and Jon Olley and Adam Brumm popped in as well. There are many more researchers associated with ARCHE, conducting studies on many different aspects of our past. We also supervise Higher degree research.

Our research themes include:

  • Archaeogeochemistry and Geochronology
  • Archaeology
  • Genomics
  • Landscape and Human Co-Evolution
  • Palaeoanthropology
  • Rock Art and Symbolic Material Culture Research

Our webpage also lists recent news and happenings in the archaeological world, as well as upcoming events.

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Take a few moments to browse the ARCHE Website, in related links below.

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A Question of Time: How We Date Human Evolution

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