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An introduction to policy and policymaking

How do we define policy and policymaking?

As we will see in this next section, there are an extremely wide variety of policy concepts and ideas to choose from, and your particular policy idea will depend on the particular aspect of your society that you are looking to change.

However, it is important that we understand what we mean by the terms “policy” and “policymaking” in this course. Take a look at the definitions of policy and policymaking below.

  • Policy – a set of ideas, plan, course or principle of action which is officially agreed to by a body or an individual.

  • Policymaking – discussion, debate and influence that leads to the establishment of a policy.

When you are ready, move to Step 1.10, where you will hear more from the Future Leaders Connect members who we met earlier this week as they talk about how these terms apply to their particular areas of interest.

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