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Skip to 0 minutes and 7 seconds Welcome to Belfast. And welcome to the first week of our course. In this course, we want to look at group identities in public space. We are interested in crowds and demonstrations and parades. We want to explore the power that these events possess and the attempts to control them. We will particularly look at conflict arising from groups in public spaces in divided societies. And then we will explore attempts to manage and transform that conflict. We want you to be a part of our learning. You all come from your own experiences, from your own social backgrounds. We can all learn from your knowledge.

Skip to 0 minutes and 46 seconds We will provide you with opportunities to tell us about the groups you are a part of, the places you live in. Together, we will look at examples from around the world. But before we look at all of this, we need to start with some basics. This week, we will look at what we mean by social identity. How identity is important in the formation of different types of social groups and how these groups express themselves in the public spaces around us.

Welcome from Dr Dominic Bryan

In this video Dr Dominic Bryan outlines the structure of the course, the topics and introduces the content for the first week.

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Your educators on the course are:

FutureLearn Profile Academic Profile
Dr Dominic Bryan Institute of Irish Studies, QUB
Dr Milena Komarova ISCTSJ, QUB
Dr Neil Jarman ISCTSJ, QUB

Dr Samuel Pehrson who was our colleague last year has taken up a new post in the University of St Andrews. He has kindly agreed to join us again on this run of the course.

The core learner support team will be course mentors Jon Evershed, James Zimmerman, The role of the mentors will be to ‘build bridges’ within the course community and support you in knowledge construction and developing your learning. With this in mind we recommend that you click the links above and follow the educators and mentors in order to quickly see their comments and advice.

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Identity, Conflict and Public Space

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