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Defining project management

On a daily basis, knowingly or unknowingly, we all implement and manage projects.

Most of these are small, simple projects with very few activities, which we do instinctively without thinking too much about, like making breakfast, grocery shopping or washing the car. It is clear that project management is not a restricted field for anybody. However, it is also apparent that as the level of complexity of the project increases, the level of project management also becomes more complex and rigorous, and will require those who manage such projects to have certain knowledge, skills, experience, tools and resources.

As a construction project grows and becomes more complex, the process will get more scientific and systematic, as it becomes necessary to coordinate and integrate human input and physical components within the four fundamental constraints: scope, cost, time and quality.

Project management is the discipline of utilising well-known principles, procedures and policies to manage a project from start to finish.

Your task

Consider the above definition of project management – do you agree with this?

What does project management mean to you?

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The Importance of Project Management in the Global Construction Industry

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