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The role of the project manager

The project needs someone to lead it - in this case, a project manager.

The project manager is accountable for the successful accomplishment of a project. They manage every aspect, including the planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure of a construction project. Project managers guarantee that time frame, targets and budgets are met, balancing the project parameters previously discussed.

A project manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Preparing work for the project team

  • Carrying out project cost estimation

  • Formulating deliverable schedules as a roadmap for the construction team

  • Reviewing the overall project in depth to determine if everything is done according to plan

  • Setting project goals

The responsibility of the project manager also extends beyond the project itself, to the management of their colleagues and daily activities. The project manager can additionally undertake the role of a dispute manager as sometimes they will need to be the judge who brings order to a construction site. Dispute could come in different forms, such as conflict between fellow construction workers, subcontractors, the client, third parties or within the project management team.

As part of the monitoring process, the project manager must regularly report on the project’s progression to sector management and the client. In fact, client support is a big part of the role as it is crucial that a good client relationship is maintained. The project manager will plan and arrange visits to potential, new and existing clients to make sure they have everything they need.

Your task

In any of the projects you’ve been involved in, have you ever taken on the role of project manager?

What were your roles and responsibilities in the project?

Share your experiences with your fellow learners.

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