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Skip to 0 minutes and 4 secondsWelcome to Week 2. Last week, we discussed the art of previewing. The goal of previewing is to identify the topics and structure of the text you're going to read. Whereas in step 1, the art was not to read and not to understand everything yet, step 2, studying, is about actual reading and about understanding. So take your time during this step. Take the time to focus and to go through the information carefully. Because understanding is the most important part and also the most difficult, you will learn a way of summarising that forces you to actually understand and process what you've been reading. Once you have completed your summary, you also know you've completed step 2 in a good manner.

Skip to 0 minutes and 52 secondsWith this way of summarising, step 2 will become more active and creative than just reading. And therefore, you will remember more. This week, we will also give you information and very useful tips on planning. Good luck with Week 2.

Welcome to Week 2

This video looks back at the previous week, where we dealt with previewing and explains the topics of this week: making a summary and planning your studies.

Did you try previewing one of your own study books or study chapters last week? Please let us know if you did, and how you liked it.

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