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Creating a companion glossary

This course focuses on bringing together ideas and information about creating, developing and encouraging inclusive learning and teaching environments in higher education in one place.

Many of you may be interested in inclusion and how we support disabled students through the use of technology and in finding out more about topics that we just touch upon during the three weeks of this course.

Research, policy and procedural documents and government guidelines may provide more details, so we have linked to their websites in the ‘See also’ section at the bottom of this page. We have also added links at the end of each step related to individual topics.

How to create and share your glossary

To support your learning, we suggest that you create a companion glossary as you go through the course. This may consist of definitions of new words that you have come across and/or of web links to related topics.

It is really important that you consider the reliability of any information that you see posted on the internet.

Whilst you can use paper, there are any number of ways you can create a glossary online:

You might like to create a glossary that you can share with fellow learners. You will just need to ‘copy and paste’ the URL (web address) to share in the comments below.

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