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Dear participants, we welcome you and hope that you will find this course interesting and the platform easy to navigate.

FutureLearn courses are divided into weeks. This one in particular, comprises four weeks/modules, with various activities and steps in each one designed as a sequence to facilitate following and learning. Each week is based on a specific subject that is described in the heading of the Module, and the sequence of activities has been designed as a route map.

Look at the videos, read the articles, take part in the forums and activities at your own pace. Each activity has a comments section where you can give us your impressions and thoughts. Both the lecturers and the participants may reply to the questions and it would be desirable to establish exchange of experience and debate. The platform is designed to encourage horizontal communication and this is one of the key factors in achieving a significant process for each one of us. The guiding presence of a specialized Tutor, member of our staff, will be of great help for the exchange. It may also be useful to indicate that you like comments put on by any member of this community, and the possibility of following them exists, enabling updates on conversations on issues of most interest.

At the end of each step, you will find a switch to mark that the activity has been finalized. This helps to visualise progress made so far, which can be checked at the top of the page with the Progress button.

Furthermore, during the four weeks, you will find various resources and links, both in special activities and at the end of each Module. This is information that we considered useful to delve deeper into some of the issue addressed in the different activities. Of course there may be other important resources that are not included here and we would be grateful for any suggestions that the participants may make and all will benefit from them.


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Inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean: Research, Policy and Management for Social Transformations