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Wiki-Trivia of Inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean

In this exercise we invite each participant to send a contribution to prepare collectively a game of Trivia on Inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The procedure is simple:

1) Send your contribution following the guidelines set out here below. (See examples in the item “Downloads” at the bottom left of this same page).

2) Your contribution will be included by the Course organizers in the Wiki-Trivia of Inequality, which will be open to explore and respond to during the last week of the course.

3) In Week 4, all the participants will be able to take part and reply to the questions sent, organized as a Quiz (Wiki-Trivia) at the Module’s Meeting Place.

Instructions to send your contribution

  1. Seek relevant and up-dated information on inequality problems in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  2. Sources can be of many types (Internet, journals, books, reports, etc.) as long as they are reliable.

  3. Once the information has been selected that in your understanding is relevant to share here, you should submit it as a question with three possible alternatives (with only one being correct), adding the source of reference and a brief comment on the context. Please indicate your name and country of origin (optional).

  4. Send your contribution via this Typeform survey.

By following the above link you will be taken to a third party website, the use of which has been arranged by and is the responsibility of UNESCO. On this website you will be asked to submit some information about yourself. Please make sure you are familiar with the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the third party website before submitting your information. UNESCO will only use your personal information for the purpose stated above and in accordance with the terms of the third party website.

Whether you follow the above link and submit your personal information or not, your course progress will in no way be affected. Nor will your course marks or FutureLearn profile. For the purposes of any personal information submitted via the third party website UNESCO will be the data controller, not FutureLearn.

Additional notes:

• Each participant may only send one contribution.

• The first version of Wiki-Trivia, installed in Week 4 of this edition of the Course, will have 10 questions. At this time the idea is to compose a Trivia that includes a diversity of dimensions of the inequalities addressed. The name and country of origin of the person submitting the contribution will be included.

• The questions received will be included in the Wiki-Trivia of Inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean of the UNESCO MOST Programme, as a learning Quiz that can be used in different contexts and through different devices.

This activity acknowledges inspiration on the Development Trivia included in the Multimedia CD “Responsabilidad Social Universitaria” (University Social Responsibility) by François Vallaeys and Luis Carrizo, prepared in 2006 for the University Network on Ethics and Development of the IDB’s Inter-American Initiative on Social Capital, Ethics and Development.

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