UNESCO welcomes you to this course

In this piece, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences, Ms. Nada Al-Nashif, welcomes you to the MOOC, inviting every participant to be part of a collective effort to reduce inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean in the frame of the Sustainable Development Goals.

UNESCO’s Social and Human Sciences Sector supports Agenda 2030, by mobilizing knowledge and values to foster just, inclusive and peaceful societies. It works with youth, researchers and policy makers, communities and activists to combat exclusion, discrimination and intolerance, harnessing intercultural dialogue to promote cohesive societies.

As participants of this MOOC, you are about accessing a forum where cross-learning and collective intelligence may be the seed for actions against inequalities in LAC region. Please, introduce yourselves, tell us about where are you from and what is your work, share your reasons to be here, and your expectations about this course. Use the Comments place to open this exchange. Thank you.

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Inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean: Research, Policy and Management for Social Transformations