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Skip to 0 minutes and 2 secondsWelcome to Week 2. This week is essentially about what makes a good information system. Intuitively, we all know we love our smartphone, we hate our laptop, or vice versa. But we rarely think about exactly what makes the technology good or bad for us. I will kick off this week using two typical information systems. One is a very old one, so I will talk a little bit about databases. The other is the freshest thing around, which is the corporate portals. And then, we will look into the characteristics of the information systems.

Skip to 0 minutes and 40 secondsThere will be a set of three characteristics, which are about the relationship between you and your technology, so what it does for me, or how it works for me, whether I can use it easily, and so on. The second part is about how the information system works in itself, whether it does its job, how it does it, and so on. Now bringing all these together, you will hopefully be able to judge and also explain to others why a particular information system is good, and why it is not so good for you.

Introducing Week 2

Viktor Dörfler introduces this week’s topics and activities.

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