Overview of the fourth week

Now that you have learned about the different types of IP and strategies for using them, in this, the fourth week of the course you will learn how to do from the doers. You will hear case studies about the IP strategies of leading companies. You will also witness interviews with people implementing IP management strategies in various companies.

These doers are Monsanto (case study), Nestlé (interview), PepsiCo (interview) agriculture company, Maspex (case study), and Mida+ (case study). You will learn how these successful companies have used multi pronged and aggressive strategies so as to protect and monetize their IP assets. It goes without saying that all of these interviews and case studies are from the food sector.

These case studies and interviews touch on all six types of IP that you have learned about in the second week of the course as well as the various strategies and associated dilemmas that were explored in the third week of the course. In short, we wrap up the course learning how the knowledge you have gained is applied on a day-to-day basis to foster innovation and achieve corporate goals in the food sector.

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Intellectual Property Management in the Food Sector: Safeguarding Your Trademarks in the Global Marketplace

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