Outlining learning objectives

What do you expect? Reflecting on the course design in light of your experiences, needs, and expectations is important for gaining the most from the coming weeks. The course learning objectives are listed here for your consideration.

Upon completion of this five-week online course, we hope that you will:

  • see the need and importance of learning and exploring intercultural communication
  • develop an awareness of your own cultural identities and an appreciation for others’
  • be able to recognize cultural variations in communication styles
  • understand how categories of cultural values might underlie different behaviors
  • become more aware of culture shock and how we can become adaptable in intercultural interactions

At the beginning, we think it might help you to reflect on which of these intercultural areas you consider to be most important for the situations you face.

Which of these topics seem most interesting or relevant to you? We’re looking forward to knowing how this course might meet some of your felt needs or expectations, and those of our learner community.

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Intercultural Communication

Shanghai International Studies University (SISU)