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Skip to 0 minutes and 9 secondsHi again ! Hope you are doing great. Here im once again to conclude our course and thank you for your enrolment and making it successful

Skip to 0 minutes and 23 secondsI am so glad with your motivation and enthusiasm that you have shown during the course. I enjoyed reading all your discussions and comments. I also learned new things through your discussion.

Skip to 0 minutes and 41 secondsI am sure you have enjoyed this course. Hope now you have better understanding of elderly problems and possible devices and technologies we can use to help them. I would like to emphasize “Technology/Device” alone cannot be a solution. It can be only a tool. We need to find our solutions ! Please take the quiz in order to fulfill this course completion criteria.

Skip to 1 minute and 16 secondsIf you are interested to know more about our activities and projects please do visit us @

Skip to 1 minute and 23 secondshttps://ichit.tmu.edu.tw

Skip to 1 minute and 29 secondsHope to see you in our next course Good luck and all the best !

The conclusion of the course

Congratulations, you have almost finished this course. There is a small test in the next step to evaluate your knowledge of the course.

Thank you all for participating. I hope you have learnt some new ideas. We are conducting a MOOC learner research with the University of Edinburgh. We would like to know how to enhance the learning outcomes of those participating in MOOCs. Please take a look of the attached file below. We would appreciate if you could express your prospective.

You are welcome to leave your reflection in the final discussion step. I would also like to invite you to participate in my other course, Social Media in Healthcare and Research.

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