The social impacts of aging

In the previous two weeks, we’ve talked about the practical problems and some solutions. Aging is not just a personal issue. The social impacts are also severe.

I would like you to read the article first and think more: Crossing the perspectives of patients, families, and physicians on cancer treatment: A qualitative study., written by Orri et al in 2016. Its free full text is provided by Oncotarget. This article is explaining different perspectives from patients, their family, and the physicians. Although it is applied to the cancer context, it might be applied to any long-term healthcare context. If you have found other articles related to it, you are welcome to share them.

In addition, I would like you to evaluate yourself on your situation if you are at the age greater than 45. Please take a minute to fill out the optional questionnaire. Your opinions are of great value for assisting us to understand user needs in a broader view.

In the next step, you may begin another new chapter through Dave’s point of view. Let’s watch his patient-side story.

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Internet of Things for Active Aging

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