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Advantages of oral versus IV antibiotic therapy

The potential advantages and disadvantages of using oral and IV antibiotics for serious infections such as endocarditis, bone and joint infections and neurosurgical infections in the outpatient environment are outlined in the table below:

Table describing pros and cons of oral vs IV antibiotics in outpatients. For example - oral has higher convenience than IV, IV requires more contact with health services, and oral antibiotics have higher cost effectiveness if the efficacy is similar, and IV has lower cost effectiveness if the efficacy is similar.

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Now read the papers below and consider the results of the OVIVA and POET trials.

Discuss with your fellow learners your thoughts on switching early from IV to oral therapy in serious infections given the emerging evidence from these trials.

Is this something you are, or would be, comfortable doing in your clinical practice?

Share your thoughts and experiences, and interpretations of the trials, with your fellow learners.

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