Skip to 0 minutes and 6 secondsThis week's topic is "Technology." Professor Susumu Niijima, who is an expert on Science Fiction and French Literature, will show you, so to speak, the world of posthumanism in Japanese subculture. For example, In Oz, a Science Fiction shojo manga, humanoid called 19 plays an important role. How is technology related to the problem of relationality? For example, what happens to the issues of love and human relationships that we learned about in the first week, if technology becomes a factor? How does the agency of vulnerability change when characters become augmented? This week, First, the issues of body in the works of comics, animation and superhero TV shows will be observed.

Skip to 0 minutes and 55 secondsIn these works, we observe the appearance of robots, hybrid human-robot beings and super-humans functioning, operating and interacting in the world. What is the attraction to these more-than human characters? Then we will examine what happens when music is performed by non-human entities by looking at Vocaloids and Virtual Idols, the products of the latest acoustic technology.

Welcome to Week 3

Please watch Prof. Hisayo Ogushi, the lead educator of this course, introduce this week’s topic “Technology” in Japanese Subculture.

In this week, Professor Susumu Niijima, an expert on science fiction and French literature, will share his opinions about the world of posthumanism in Japanese subculture by examining manga, anime, and TV shows featuring robots, hybrid human-robots and super-humans.

Science fiction, such as humanoids, is also very popular in girls manga as you can see in the examples introduced in this video. It will be interesting to compare those with the works you’ll learn in this week.

Girls manga introduced in the video

  • Oz by ITSUKI Natsumi, Hakusensha 1990 - 1992

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