Question and answer session

The Q&A sessions on courses from the National STEM Learning Centre provide you with the opportunity to ask more about the course content and issues from your own classroom practice.

Andrea Mapplebeck recorded the Q&A video on 28 May 2019 and we will be uploading on 31 May. This is an open step, so you can bookmark the URL to your favourites and return to it at any time. We will also upload the video to STEM Learning YouTube channel.


  • 00:48 Making time for students to respond (Anneliese)

  • 03:22 Do HPQs detract from effective dialogue? (Llinos)

  • 08:27 How much time should we give students to think and talk? (Adam, Doaa, Madhavi)

  • 15:12 Engaging with students who don’t like to participate (Ronald)

  • 17:39 Writing HPQs with students (Catherine)

  • 22:30 How should we be grouping students in the classroom? (Rajshree)

  • 28:18 Changing the focus from scores to learning (Patrick)

Please note: if you post a question here it may be featured in the video recording along with your first name. The recording will be publicly viewed via this step and may also be uploaded to the STEM Learning YouTube channel.

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