Mentors' video diary and reflection grid

Your course mentors, Yeasmin and Jane, recorded their highlights from the last three weeks discussions and learning. The video was uploaded on 13 May 2019. A transcript will be available shortly.

We’d like to hear what ideas shared by other learners really stood out for you. Who inspired you to think differently? What have you changed in your teaching thanks to the input of others?

Final reflection grid

Now you’ve looked back over the whole course, and hopefully had a chance to try things out in your own classroom, complete your third and final reflection grid. Keep this, together with your self-audit task responses, to represent your CPD through this course.

If you’ve enjoyed this form of online CPD, we hope you’ll join us again on further courses from the National STEM Learning Centre.

To continue with your development of assessment for learning, join us on Planning for Learning: Formative assessment in science and maths.

Through the course some of you have also raised questions about behaviour and classroom culture. Our next run of Managing Behaviour for Learning is available from 22 April, also mentored by Jane and Yeasmin, and has many practical ideas to try out in your classroom.

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Introducing Assessment for Learning

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