Skip to 0 minutes and 12 secondsMany factors influence the success of an organisation but the main influence is the way in which people in an organisation work together. Studying organisational behaviour and misbehaviour is about understanding how people think, act and react in the workplace and the impact this has on an organisation. Hello. I am Dr Eno Maycock and I will be guiding you through the next two weeks as we build our knowledge around organisational behaviour and misbehaviour. When people don't work well together their overall productivity decreases and this affects the overall organisational performance. Misbehaviour can occur at all levels within the organisation. Sometimes the culture of an organisation promotes misbehaviour.

Skip to 1 minute and 4 secondsThis highlights why the study of organisational behaviour is of key importance today. Now think about a job that you loved. What did you love about it? Was it your duties? Was it your manager? Was it the environment or your co- workers? Also think about a job that you hated. What was the difference between the two? Join us as we seek to understand the why and the how of organisational behaviour.

Welcome to the course

Watch Dr Eno Maycock, Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management at Coventry University, introduce you to the key topics around organisational behaviour that you will be exploring over the next two weeks.

Understanding the behaviour and actions of people at work and the role of management as an integrating activity is of particular importance. Organisational behaviour as a field aspires to have relevance for understanding the behaviour of people working at all hierarchical levels – from the workers employed on a casual basis to the most senior executive.

This course will enable you get a better understanding of the behaviour of people. It will allow you to identify and assess the likely consequences of the opposite strand of organisational misbehaviour and anticipate and minimise its counter-productive effects.

This week

Through this week’s activities you will:

  • explore the concept of organisational behaviour
  • describe the key theories and issues associated with organisational behaviour
  • consider the goal of organisational behaviour
  • discuss the role of managers and the activities performed by them
  • explore and identify the core skills that managers of the future would need in order for them to be successful

This short course is an introductory two-week course for a program in Organisational Behaviour and Learning which forms part of the MBA, MBA for the Cyber Security Management sector, MBA with Artificial Intelligence specialism, MBA for the Sustainable Tourism Sector and MBA for the Healthcare Sector online degrees at Coventry University delivered on FutureLearn.

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