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Bribing with a present

Misbehaviour that tends to benefit members of the employing organisation

The second type of organisational misbehaviour tends to benefit members of the employing organisations.

This could be seen as actions taken by employees that benefit themselves as employees and the organisation as a whole, but are targeted at external victims. This may include customers, clients and social or public institutions.

Examples of this type of misbehaviour could include bribery to speed up the approval or the chances of a contract offer for the organisation. Again the actions taken by employees here which could be termed as misbehaviour are usually focused on external victims (eg the Goldman Sachs scandal, which involved insider trading where employees fraudulently traded with clients’ confidential information to the advantage of the organisation).

Your task

Imagine that you are a mortgage broker. You have convinced your customer to take on a mortgage with a higher interest rate. There are options to get a mortgage with a lower interest rate, which would mean that the customer pays a smaller amount back to the organisation. However, the mortgage with the higher interest rate brings in more profit to the organisation in the long term and also enables you to meet your targets and get a promotion, bonus or recognition at work.

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