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Interpersonal misbehaviour

The second type of misbehaviour manifestation is interpersonal misbehaviour.

This is a serious and potentially harmful form of misbehaviour and it manifests within organisations as aggressive behaviour by individuals, hostility towards others at work (eg directed at other colleagues or managers) and could include offensive and unsociable behaviours (eg exclusion, stereotyping, bullying, harassment as well as sexual harassment) (Yousefi et al. 2012).

Your task

Consider the following scenario:

A group head criticises employees for not attending bi-monthly, two-hour meetings that have no impact on their day-to-day job role. These employees have complained of having too many meetings, which impacts on the time they have left to complete their daily tasks. The group head does not turn up for the bi-monthly meetings, despite setting and organising them. The meetings are run by the employees’ respective line managers, who do not always have in-depth knowledge of the rationale for these meetings. This has left employees feeling frustrated as the overall group head has failed to attend these meetings without even sending an apology. At the same time, they are criticised for not attending the meetings.

Could the behaviour of the group head be seen as a manifestation of interpersonal misbehaviour?

What might be the strategies or approaches you could use to address this issue?

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Yousefi, M., Shomami, M. A., and Gharagoozloo, S. (2012) ‘The Production Misbehavior of University Staff (Case Study of Iran)’. Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business 4 (1), 532-542

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